When we moved our headquarters location to Bell Works, we knew that we not only needed to create functional individual workspaces, but we also needed a variety of collaborative workspace options to accommodate our now ~1,000 employees. We have dozens of formal meeting rooms with televisions and phones, accessible by onsite and offsite employees. We also have countless “huddle rooms” and niches on all five floors within our headquarters, which serve as more informal meeting areas for employees to use when working with other employees.

Our headquarters is a part of what is known as a “metroburb” – meaning that the inside of our office building resembles that of a city street. With just a few steps, employees have access to dozens of other businesses, coffee shops, restaurants, stores, as well as a terrace that overlooks several bike/running paths and a lake. Each iCIMS employee has access to an online phone and screensharing system, which enables employees based in our headquarters to easily communicate with those in other offices, and vice versa.


101 Crawfords Corner Road Suite 3-100 Holmdel, NJ 07733

101 Crawfords Corner Road Suite 3-100 Holmdel, NJ 07733

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Architect: Interior Architects

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